Fun Times at Columbia Regional

Today was my 36 (ish) week check up & we learned everything is as it should be. Baby measures on track for dates, is head down, and has a very strong heartbeat that sounds remarkably like someone going, "Woop! Woop! Woop! Woop!" Try to picture a three-year-old making helicopter noises. It was really cute like that.

Anyway, I had to get checked out for the Group B Strep test, so I actually had to have a regular exam today. Just as the doctor sat down to chat with us about how things were going, whether we had any questions, etc., the nurse was futzing with the little tiny maglite on the long bendy arm thing & discovering that it was broken. So Dr. G. had just enough time to say "Nice socks," before we learned that the only way to have a functioning maglite thingy would be to switch to a new room.

{ fig. 1: The Nice Socks }

I was already dressed for the exam though (in an unnecessarily small sheet - it sucked) , so we had to perform some creative maneuvers to quickly & discreetly move to the next available room. This involved clutching the tiny sheet thing to myself, wrapping a gown around my back, and a little sideways shimmy/dance while Kyle hovered around behind me, carrying my pants & trying to draw as much attention away from my backside as possible.

It worked pretty well and we landed safely in the next room over without too many people noticing my state of (un)dress. It was a tiny bit awkward, but mostly just felt kind of silly & funny. Plus I felt really good about my cool heart socks.

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  1. Hey---You have ankles. Way to go! The socks are cute too.

    Love, Mom