It's a Complicated Spiritual Exercise

'Twas an exciting afternoon here at the Kelley abode. We pumped up the giraffe pool (me) and filled it with water (kyle). We donned our saucy spotted suits (iris) and prepped for the sun (half-gallon of SPF a million and The Dreaded Hat of Scalp Protection).

We had a bunch of fun at the inaugural pool event. Iris walked up to the pool, and shouted at the pool, and shook her little spotted booty at the pool, but was not so keen on entering the pool. She got a really big kick out of throwing grass into it. So that's nice. She did eventually concede to standing in it, but the closest she got to sitting was a modified squat and grimace. I swear the temp was like bath water, so I think it was really just concern for squashing the giraffe or something. Anyway, she got really into splashing it and then running around the yard, then coming back to splash some more. In fact she and Kyle both got so into it that I feared to interrupt. Things got a little serious there with some sort of devotional to Poseidon or something, so I just let them be and did my best to document the revelry. See below.

I think they're doing the wave.

p.s. rest of album on picassa.


  1. Hi Megan, Thanks you for taking pictures and posting them to the blog. Iris is changing so much, she is not a baby anymore, how did that happen? Love, Grandma K