All Hail Rebecca, Queen of Photography and Awesomeness In General

  • Step one: Go to here (http://www.rebeccaallenphotography.blogspot.com/)
  • Step two: Leave a comment for Rebecca. Be sure to use words like 'amazing,' 'delicious,' and 'life-altering.'
  • Step three: Hire Rebecca.
  • Step four: Be jealous of me till you finally get her to photograph something for you.

I tried to snag these from Rebecca's blog and just post them here, but the size went all wonky and I did my best to reformat them. Did not work out so great, let me tell you. The quality here is really poor compared to what's posted up at Rebecca's place. Which is here. Go to there.

There are a bunch of photos in the main body of her most recent post, and here very shortly the entire gallery will be available on the client proofing site (that leetle grassy square that says "clients"). Various sizes of prints can be ordered from that page, so peruse to your heart's content.


  1. WOW! Didn't know it was possible to need to edit a single post so many times after publication. Sorry to those who get notifications if you just got like, seventy emails containing mostly the same post. :)

  2. The post looks great on my end, Megan. Thanks for the "amazing" and "delicious" write up! It was so much fun hanging out that morning!

  3. The pictures are great. I wasn't sure if Rebecca had posted all of the pictures. I will check back soon. Love, Grandma K