With the Quickness

Real quick like, since any position my body can get to that is pro-typing is also pro-"please can I have some more stabby everything pain," I give you a tiny pictorial:

The Yard Sale

We had a yard sale, I think we sold a bunch of stuff, and we also made $52. It was a tiny bit disappointing after investing $13 into an ad in the paper and prepping all that junk for days and sitting in the stupid hot driveway at 6:30a.m. Kyle is hosting "Driveway Sale Part Deux" this weekend sometime, and he was able to sell more stuff on craigslist after the fact, so there's something. Honestly, I'm not holding out a lot of hope for "Please Buy My Stuff 2.0" this weekend. Especially after last Sunday's tepid response to "Old Stuff We Don't Use, v. 1.5" (wherein Kyle sat out with the stuff another day, but didn't like, tell anyone he was going to do that, and just really hoped that the giant neon signs all over the neighborhood would draw folks in. They did not.) I'm just shocked all the baby stuff didn't sell. There were FOUR strollers and like, three tons of awesomely cute (and in some cases NEVER WORN) girl clothes.

Fig. 1: Approximately 1/8 of the baby clothes that were presented for sale last weekend

Fig 2: More clothes which sadly remained betagged during their tenure in the wardrobe

Pirates Have Feelings Too, Express Them Via Finger Paints on Sundays:

Iris caught me folding laundry the other day (don't tell Kyle I did that willingly - he'll try to make me do it all the time), and in it was an old bandanna. As soon as I picked it up I heard, "It's a pirate hat, Mommy! A PIRATE HAT, MOMMEEEEEEEE." So Iris wore the pirate hat and asked to paint a little bit. We put the old Dad shirt on and tied up the pirate hat just so, and when I asked Iris if she wanted me to get her a snack or anything to munch on while she expressed her big deep pirate feelings, she said, "ARR." I'm so not joking. Ask her sometime.

Fig 3: Iris, mid-pirate joke, "So I sez to the blue whale, CHEER UP!" Har.

Fig 4: Quoth the shirt, "My Sultry Sunday Shirt (Pants Optional)"

Things Best Avoided at Work

Belly shots, yo. Do not try to take belly shots at work. Even if you have no full-length mirrors at home, and heaps of messy crap everywhere that will show up in any photo you take anyway, do NOT try to take belly shots at work! Especially if you forget to turn off the flash, and it's anywhere near lunchtime, and crazy ol' HPD is roaming the halls. Especially not then.

Fig 5: Just learned today that I'm "about to pop," the baby has "dropped," I am "carrying low" and also "look WAY more pregnant" than I am. A-haaaaa-wesome.


  1. Ok, since you are about to pop and you have definitely dropped, will you make it to October? Concerned about our timing, Grandma R

  2. Considering all of those assessments came from my coworker who is bipolar with dash of personality disorder, I'm not putting a lot of stock in them. I think we're good.

  3. Ouch. My back hurts just lookin' at that. You are one brave momma. xxoo Patty