Scenes of Macho Times

8:30pm, the living room, last night:

Mom! I'm eating dis fing wif Dad it's wike chips an' cheese an' sour keeeem an' it's DEWISHUS. Dad made it an' dere's cheese wike sprinkled on it. I eatin' it.

Yeah, I used the tortilla chips that were already opened, so I'm a little disappointed because they're stale, and these could have been so much better. I should have done the chip check before I put them in the microwave. *scoffs somewhat bitterly* I mean, they were still good, and I was really glad to have the opportunity to put sour cream on something...

7:37am, the living room, this morning:

I hungry. I need some fooooooOOd.

Okay, we have craisins and bagels and cereal and fruit...

I wike cheese and sour keeeem. I wike chips.

Iris are you asking for nachos for breakfast?


Well, can you at least attempt to eat something healthy first?

Okay, I eat some raisins?

Cool. Let's do this.

8:17am, in front of PBSkids, this morning

Hey Iris, how's your breakfast?

(whispers reverently) Dere's cheese an'.... wike sour keem...chewchewchew...dis a chip...chewchew...Mom, I wove machos.

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