Party Time!

EXCELLENT! (had to do it) So here are some snaps of Iris' Pink Party! There are a few unremarkable shots still living on my phone, but these are some that I stole from facebook (raise your hand if you're suprised I did that... is that crickets? just checking). Anway, as such, I know almost all of you have already seen these, but what the hey - I'm sure someone out there is still resisting the pull of the great FB (lookin' at you, K-Lonzo).

I took this before the party started. The rainbow-arms? Yeah, those are legwarmers specifically ordered for this party. Apparently they are sleeves now.

After her school birthday party, Iris came home all aflutter that her friends sang a song about her birthday, just for her. She was so touched by that. When it happened again, at her house (!!!), she turned to me right after she (we) blew the candles out, hugged my neck super hard, and, with tears in her eyes said, "I'm so happy!"

Kyle manned the present-opening portion of the afternoon. Please note the serious, "I am now dispensing Fatherly Advice" scene portrayed here. Also do please note the Pink Panther t-shirt (thanks Grammy!).

Iris' Pink Party


  1. Wonderful party, wonderful memories! Love, Grandma K.

  2. OMG, can I say this? Are you the most wonderful mom in the world?? I think so. xxoo Patty