Luella Fun Fact

She talks in her sleep.

I came home from work today to relieve Kyle so he could run out the door to tutor. He told me she'd only been asleep for like ten minutes before I arrived, so I figured I had at least another 20-30 before she woke up. Not five minutes later, I hear her talking. Like, regular, baby is chatting it up, slapping your face and licking your mouth, talking. Sounded perfectly awake. So, because I'm brilliant, I pound up the stairs to go get her, making a bu-hunch of noise on the way, only to see her lying there peacefully talking in her sleep!

This could get interesting ...


  1. Who isn't interesting who talks in her sleep?

  2. You talk in your sleep...HA just kidding but that would be totally funny if you did. Let's have a sleep over and find out! <3claire