Unbunch Thyself

Alright everbody, get your panties out of that twisty little bunch that seems to be forming due to lack of baby photos. I'm working on it. Or will be, once I'm not actually AT work. And you know, am also near the baby. And the camera has batteries. Okay, that's a lot of variables that have to line up, eh? Listen, I hear the whinging of the masses; on it.

I would like to state for the record that Kyle picks up Iris from school every day, spending all sorts of cheery quality time with her before she inevitably falls asleep a couple of minutes before I arrive. And he knows how to operate the camera. And he really likes it when you call his phone, repeatedly demanding that he photograph the baby for you. No really! The man loves to be nagged. Seriously. Give it a go. LOVES it.

(aside to Kyle: BWAHhahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!)


  1. I hope that I am not the only one that has complained. Next time I will try to ask nicely in my Megan voice!! The problem is, we have not seen Iris for a month and while you and Kyle look and act the same, that little girl is changing and learning something new almost daily. While at the same speed, her grandpa and grandma are getting older (and forgetting something almost daily). So pictures certainly do help (a picture speaks a thousand words, or maybe one or two.) Love, Grandma Kelley

  2. Can't wait to see pics--since I'm older than Grandma K, I forget more and more often.
    Let's see, what does that little girl look like?
    I'm not "bunched", just anxious to see
    more of the youngest member of the family.
    Aunt PittyPat

  3. Megan I think you need to install several cameras around your house and let your family spy on you alllllll the time. Heeeeee