Francis Bacon Kelley
Fezziwig Bartholomew Kelley
Ferris Bueller Kelley
Fable Birch Kelley
Flotsam Backseat Kelley
Fairywings Blitzkrieg Kelley
Feta Bluebeard Kelley

Future Baby Kelley. Do not doubt my ability to maintain these initials after the baby is born.


  1. Farrah Britney Kelley
    Fuzzy Bebe Kelley
    Face Book Kelley (the 21st century baby)
    Yeah, I like that one.

  2. Oh Patty, you crack me up! I really like Face Book Kelley!

  3. I really like Feta, but how about the middle name Basil. Feta and Basil are so good together! But then, I relate more to food than babies.

    Does the name choice mean this FBK is a boy child? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Aunt Pittypat

  4. Oh, Aunt Pittypat, I have no idea what flavor this baby is yet. I don't believe those parts actually reveal themselves for several more weeks. With this in mind, it should be noted that the girl alternate for Ferris Bueller Kelley is Ferris BEULAH (provided by my genius friend Kay), so we're still looking at both sides of that particular coin. :) Feta Basil Kelley of course will be added to the list immediately!