Meet Aloyshious Fitzpatrick Kelley

Don't freak out, I made that up. We still have no idea what to name this kid. All I'm saying, is that if "Guy" is a real name, then "Dude" totally is too.

{Fig 1: (Skeletor) Face}

{Fig 2: (Hobbit) Feet}

{Fig 3: (I know it doesn't look like it but it's definitely a) Penis}


  1. I think Dude Kelley sounds like a wonderful name. Kelly

  2. Congrats! Let me tell you-boys rock...even if they are named Aloyshious...I am sure.

  3. It would have to be THE Dude Kelley, sorry. Or, you could just call him TD Kelley and not specify what the T or D stand for, like my brother-in-law, whose middle initial is G or Harry Truman, whose middle initial is S. Or you could just tell me to STFU and go away. :-)