Crazed Baby Shuns Sleep, Attacks At Random

Iris went to bed at 4:30 tonight, and stayed asleep (intermittently) for like three hours. Then she woke up, attempted to remove Kyle's eyelids with her fingernails, then kicked me in the gut. What's neat is that she can do that while actively sleeping as well. Always knew we had a multi-tasker on our hands. We probably could have shushed and bounced and begged her back to sleep, but I didn't really want to find out what kind of morning wake up time follows a mid-afternoon sack time, so I didn't push it. Of course, now it's almost 9:00 and she's not really showing signs of slowing down. Please to enjoy our attempts at distracting her with Photo Booth (seriously, how did we live before the Mac?)

Heyyyyy! It's a Baybeee! I should grab it...

Crud. I missed. But SQUEEE! It's MY FOOT!

I see you over there old man. I'll cut you.

AAAHahahahaha! Wait. What's funny?


  1. I just laughed out loud, by myself, in my room. Not only do I currently look like a fool, but it's 4 in the morning. Iris is quite possibly the most entertaining baby EVER!

    Aunt Claire

  2. Does Iris have a vendetta against her parents?
    I love the last photo, of course, all of them are darling. She should be told that it is disrespectful to refer to her father as "old man", even though he is!! Love, Grandma K