(please pardon my slip into what can only be described as Britney Spears-ese in the title there. when I get worked up my inner pantsless redneck emerges.)

Iris has a tooth.

It's teeny and white and on the bottom, left-ish side. I don't know how I even saw it in the first place, because she maneuvers her mouth and tongue in every way possible to cover it at all costs. In fact, if I didn't know any better I'd say she was embarrassed of it. Kyle still hasn't even seen it, but I finally convinced him to just stick his finger in there and feel it out. It is definitely there. Finally.


  1. OMG,OMG,OMG, Iris has her 1st tooth, this is huge. We'll some people may not understand, but this is the first tooth of the first grandchild!! I want pictures, just have Kyle open Iris's mouth while you snap the picture. Then when she bites him, he can add that to his list of injuries. Love Grandma K

  2. OMG (you've got lots of redneck company). I knew Iris was a baby prodigy, but a tooth already! I like Grandma K's idea - we need proof that this isn't just some calcified milk misdiagnosed by an overexcited mom.
    Aunt Pittypat