The Cute and The Very, Very Sad.

For starters, the cute! The picture below documents what Iris is doing right at this very moment ohmyjeebus. This whole "nap" thing is totally foreign to Iris, so the fact that she has now been doing it for OVER AN HOUR is remarkable and noteworthy and I think someone should give me a cookie. You know, since the kid doesn't have teeth yet, and someone should really get a prize here. She is asleep on her little miracle foam wedge thingie (Auntie Sarah saves the day on that one. Perhaps SHE should get a cookie?), which is the only place she will sleep that is not on my body somewhere. I guess sometimes she sleeps on Kyle, but only if she falls asleep on me and is then passed off to him, so that when she wakes up and realizes there are no boobs in sight there is much rage and woe. The wedge actually produces a happy baby who wakes up and calmly looks around for boobs, but doesn't like, need it, just would like it please, if you've got it? But speaking of woe...

(The Cute)
It is the Sorrowful Bathtub of Gloom and Despair. This is the only picture from the dreadful event because it was so horrible that we had to bathe at turbo-jet speed and get her out of there before she permanently ruined her vocal chords. I think you can sort of see over the top of her head the squinched-up, red, screamy face she was making. I had all manner of warmed up wash cloths draped over her so she wouldn't get too cold, but it didn't really help much. I figured she'd hate the bath no matter what, and our decision to bathe her at that moment was based on the fact that she was already in sort of a screamy mood, so we wouldn't be ruining happy baby time by throwing her in the tub.

(The V. V. Sad)

Anyway, I'm prepared to wait till she's at least 10 to attempt bathing her again, but that's just how I feel about it today. I suppose if we wait till she's like 30 to reintroduce her to bath time, she's unlikely to get a date so that could knock out two birds with the one stone there, huh...I'll run that one by Kyle first but I'm thinking he'll be behind me all the way.
P.S. Iris is one month old today! Yay!


  1. Happy one month birthday Iris! What a cute napping picture! I am glad you got her down!

  2. Can't you just dunk her next time? Like rig something up sorta like a swing and then just slooowwwwwly lower her in -- plunk -- and pull her out right away, y'know, before she figures out it's a BATH. Of course, the not bathing thing would work, too, but only if you home school her. The kids would definitely change her name to "Iris Usmella."

  3. Oh what sweetie pants (the cute picture)!! Iris was probably remembering her very first bath, which was not a warm and fuzzy event either. Either way she's as cute as a button.
    Love, Mom

  4. Didn't anyone warn you that it takes a village to bath a baby? You were brave to try, come warmer weather and she may actually enjoy it! Hang in there, they grow up way too soon.
    Love, Grandma K

  5. Oh my goodness even when screaming she's still my favorite niece. Okay well yes she is my only niece, but whatever not the point hehe. Good luck with the baths and if you really hate me when I come to visit I'll do it, great torture. Oh and this is the only time I will give you ideas to use against me so don't get used to it. Okay love you and happy one month and a day Iris!!!!
    Love, (auntie ew.) Claire <3

  6. Hai! Me givez U a award today on my blog. xxoo Bhu

  7. Hey, you can't just leave us hanging. Get writing, more pictures. I look forward to this!! Love, Mom