More pictures & fun with before and after

Iris is sleeping right now, partaking of what we have been calling her morning nap, even though it is not morning, nor was it so when she fell asleep.  I guess we could start calling it her daily zonk, or the big sleep that happens sometime while the sun is up, but morning nap still works for me.  So this is me trying to do a good job of being productive while the baby is asleep.  I PROMISE I get enough sleep at night, so for those of you who are ready to vilify me for being awake right now, I assure you, I am fine.  Besides, if I wasn't awake doing productive stuff, you wouldn't be getting pictures, so there.  

I could have sworn I uploaded more pictures than this, but I think blogger is being persnickety about the number/size of photos that are allowed per post.  There was this super adorable one of Kyle and Iris (not the one below) where you could actually see Kyle's face and it was all super-sweet and father/daughter-ey and whatnot.  I'll get to that one next time, I suppose.  Also it's sort of sad that pregnancy/surgery does such a number on your body because as you can see from the last photo down there, I don't look so great in any of the pics that happen to include me from the first few days of Iris' life.  I mean, no one expects you to look your best or even mildly good after having a baby, no matter how that baby entered the world, but it would be nice if I didn't cringe just a little bit at all those pictures.  We'll have to make some more attempts to get a good family photo soon, especially since I don't think there are any pictures of the two of us (or the three of us) since those first few days.  

Iris just moments before she shows off her sleeping pirate face.  It involves lots of eye rolling and winking.  Please note that I do mean eye as in singular-one eye rolling while the other stays shut.  It's freaky and cool all at the same time.  I'll work on getting a shot of that next time. 

Very first visit with the doctor

Iris and me the day she was born

I realized that I'm wearing the exact same outfit today as I was on her birthday, so I decided to do an 'after' shot for comparison.  Amazing what the removal of nearly 9lb. of child from your abdomen will do for your physique.  




The swelling has gone down and my head is back to normal, non-pumpkin proportions, in case anyone was concerned that I might pull a neck muscle trying to heave that massive noggin up off the pillow.  

I am sure there were other things I was going to tell you about, but they are lost to me now if they were ever really there in the first place.  I think next time I post I'll try to have a little Iris fashion show & put her in some of the outfits she's gotten from everyone.  Or I'll do that until she is so totally annoyed with me that I have to stop.  So maybe I'll get one or two outfits in.  We shall see.   


  1. You crack me up and you make beautiful babies.

  2. I'm still laughing!! Just remember it was a 9 month transformation to the edema state. You're looking great and I can't believe how refreshed you look. I miss you all. Love, Mom

  3. OMG! She is beautiful. Thanks to Grandma Marilyn for telling me about your blog. Hang in there Megan! You sound like you'll be totally back in action in no time. Tell Kyle I am very proud of what a calm, cool and collected Daddy he has become. Love, Aunt Di

  4. Iris is beautiful, awake or asleep. The grandmas look so young, oh never mind, I am one of them!!


    Grandma Kelley