Okay! Yes! Pictures!

I am still suffering from a pretty severe case of the stupids, so I'll just leave you with these pictures today & promise to return with my mental facilities in tact by sometime in 2027 at the very latest.  

Iris just a few minutes old

Hey I just had major surgery & stopped sleeping at night all in the same day.  Seems like a good time for a picture.

Please do not be jealous of my saucy hat.  

Think he looks tired?  

Iris' second-favorite pastime (her first is trying to saw off my nipples with her tiny razor-edged gums - we're working on that one).

P.S. The hospital pictures are available at www.our365.c0m.  Search using last name, city, state & Iris' birthday (2/26/09).  The password is "Iris."  


  1. P.S. HOORAY! She has a BLUE BLANKIE!

  2. Oh yes--the pink is overflowing but we do not shun the other colors. :) Besides, her father and I have a shared love of all things blue and green so this kid is just going to have to accept looking like a non-gender-specific person for awhile. I don't think she minds.

  3. MEGAN!
    I can't believe I can't email you. Out of Office reply is not cool. Anyway, I have next week off for spring break and wanted to come visit, maybe take you out to lunch. I know going out to lunch might be a big step but it can be done! Hope you and Iris are doing well. I think of you often.