One outfit, then.

Wow friends, two posts in one day.  Can't believe it.

Here is the link to the pictures I took of Iris this morning (which some of you have also received in an e-mail, but I could only remember so many e-mail addresses, so this is for everyone else).  Now that I have this Picasa thing up and running I won't be limited to how many pictures I can share w/ you each day since blogger's limit is shockingly small, but Picasa is designed to hold photos, so this will be better.  


  1. I love the baby legs!!! She looks so old and wise!

  2. Absolutely loved the pictures. Keep taking tons of them!!

    Love, Mom

  3. K, so is she like REALLY EXPRESSIVE! What will happen when she gains full control of her muscles? Or is she trying to demonstrate that she wants to suckle? Either way, super kewt! xxoo Happy Saint Patty