I really want to post something of substance today.  Really.  I do.  Alas, I've got nothing.  Iris is about the same as she was last week at this time.  Kyle and I are approximately the same as well.  I want to tell you stories but aside from my traditional fare of, "wah! baby won't sleep! pout! gripe!" I just don't have much else for you.  Although please, if you're jonesing for more whiney stories of Iris' lack of sleep, I have plenty for you.  

Iris has her two month well baby check-up this coming Monday, so I should definitely have something interesting to impart after that, if only a weight/height update.  I'm curious to see if the doctor agrees with our assessment that she is, in fact, teething at a remarkably young age, and perhaps learn the answer to the question of whether or not babies this young can get seasonal allergies.  Dr. Google says no, but I suppose I should trust the professionals on this kind of thing.  She's had goopy eyes and curiously goopy barf, and I occasionally extract like, Shrek-sized boogers from her little tiny face.  Again, Dr. Google claims this could all be a result of the massive amounts of drool caused by the super advanced teething.  

Anyhoo--I hear screaming through the door.  Gotta go!  

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  1. Good luck on Monday. I'll never get the image of Shrek-sized boogers out of my mind! xxoo P