Shakira Is Spanish For Funny (aka the linky love post)

I took some more pictures of The Whiz recently but (say it with me now) the upload cord thingie is in the room where she's sleeping! Nice work. Must stop this nasty habit of leaving important items near The Sleep. Oh well, it just means that I have to post again really soon, and since I bagged out on that whole 'posting every day for a month' thing, it's good to have some incentive. But seriously? I feel like we could talk or not talk for hours and still have things to not talk about. Now everybody go out and watch Best In Show.

So the moral of the story is that things are still same, same, same around here. Iris is in some sort of transition, but mainly only because I refuse to believe that what we're experiencing is the new normal. Though I did express that exact thought to Kyle yesterday. Huh. No, let's not think about that for now. What is happening is that she is teething and growing, which is what babies do, and which are also by their very nature transitional states, so what we have here is definitely a phase or two. Babies don't really need all that much sleep anyway, do they? Hah! Ha ha ha! Ah, crap.


I was reminded today of the Showbiz Pizza Band. Referring to it as anything else (I'm looking at you, Chuck E. Cheese) shall be forever understood to be blasphemous around these parts. Anyway, I found out that those awesome animatronic buddies are quite versatile. It has nothing to do with anything, but I found this discovery to be so amusing that I simply could not keep it to myself. I'm giving like that. Enjoy.

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  1. I am a horrible great aunt. Go ahead and fire me. I normally check your blog quite frequently. Maybe not DAILY, but pretty regular-like. I have had internet problems, tired and achey problems, trying to get the yard mowed problems and just more than one excuse after another.

    But they are all just excuses, considering you are making such super human efforts at keeping us informed. Yes, I am one of those unnamed family members with that "kel" and "ley" thing going on.

    Thanks for posting all the pictures and news about all the cute farts. It made my day.

    Speaking of boring, I should get back to figuring out what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow and making a salad with what I hope is still somewhat decent lettuce left in the fridge. I can't handle much of that rust/brown stuff.

    I already know, my pink slip is in the mail from Columbia.

    Love, Aunt Di