And then there was one.

Apparently there is truth to the saying that all things come in threes (or is that all good things come in threes? Or people die in threes? Whatever). Anyway, we know two other couples who were expecting babies either on or a few days before The Whiz's due date. As of Friday, both of those other couples have had their babies, and both babies are boys. Curiously, both of those boys were given names that begin with the letter "A". I don't think that we will end up using an "A" name (since one of those other couples TOTALLY STOLE our boy-flavored "A" name - on accident, mind you, but stole it all the same). Suggestions welcome, people. It doesn't even have to begin with the letter "A".

I think I had a couple of contraction-ey things last night. Maybe? Again, it's still hard to tell at this point. We are heading off to lunch at Murry's to try their labor-inducing wing sauce (it's worth a shot), and then perhaps walk the dogs if the temp. ever rises above freezing. Peace out.


  1. Oh, how sad, someone stole the 'A' name. I was just starting to get into it! If you promise to hold off having this baby until I get there, we'll come up with a good boy name. Let's hit the books (aka, the internet) and see what we can find. Mom

  2. Ok, here are my boy favorites:

    Archer or Archibald (sorry, my only As), Rafferty, Deacon, Dashell,


    Millie, Georgia, Penny, Rhiannon, Beatrix, Sadie, Mabel, Harper

  3. I'm kinda feeling Archer. I'm not entirely sure why, but job well done Willo!!! Love you Meg! Claire <3