er. um. woops.

I didn't set out to be intentionally vague on that last post.  I think I was working with the idea that I was maintaining privacy for someone else's baby, but upon further review, I realized there's really no harm in saying that the name in question is August.  The friends who used it actually used Augustus, but the main goal for both of us was to have a kid named Gus, so either way the name is out.  Amos is still in contention, but it rhymes with anus, and I can't decide how much I care about that fact.  Also I don't think Kyle is the biggest fan of it.  He doesn't seem to dislike it, but he doesn't seem to like it, either ya know?  It's the same way I feel about Miles.  It just doesn't really do anything for me...ok maybe it annoys me a little.  Why not name the kid Kilometers?  Are we bound to the English system of measurement?  Just sayin.  

Kyle loves (luuuurves!) the name Guthrie; I can't really move past the "it's not so bad" attitude.  I guess I just can't get over the fact that it already sounds like a nickname without a proper, full name to anchor it.  I like Callum and Calvin, but I would call that child Cal.  I told Kyle that I could see a future in which the two of them are hanging out, I shout one of their names from some other room of the house, and they just stare at each other, trying to figure out if I said Kyle or Cal.  The response would be to blink at one another a couple of times, independently decide that they don't know whose attention I was trying to get, and silently return to whatever it is that they'd been doing before I called out to them, having decided that if I was really serious I'd have shouted louder or something.  Kyle did not disagree with me.  In fact, he might have laughed so hard he turned a little purple while nodding vigorously.  Soooo we're not gonna do that. 

Let's see here - Archer is good but I have this *thing* with names that end in "er."  I actually really like the name Fletcher too, but the "er" thing ruins it for me, which sucks because how cool would it be to have a kid named FLETCH?!?  Answer: very effing cool.  

Finnegan was the first name we ever fell in love with.  The baby name conversation has been ongoing since about five minutes after we started dating, so we've loved that name for a long, long time.  The problem with this now is that there are a large number of kids between the ages of birth and 4 yrs. cropping up with the name Finn.  From what I hear, most of them are named Finley or Finneas (Phinnaeus?), but they're all Finn by the time they're getting involved in social situations and introducing themselves and such.  I think all the Jennifers and Daniels of the world know where I'm going with this.  Even my own name, which was unique when it was given to me, became so popular by the time I was in grade school that I always had to have a modifier in order to be identified.  I was Other Megan, Tall Megan, Weird Megan (for a while, actually...) and Big Megan until I finally just became Muggin, thanks to a set of 3 yr. old twins with interesting speech impediments.  

The only other boy name we're seriously considering is Vincent.  It was my Grandpa's middle name, it's a normal name but it's less common/trendy without being too out there, and its nicknames don't completely repulse me (though please - if we go with this name, no Vince, ok? I hate that name).  So most of its nicknames don't repulse me.  Meh.  

The reason I'm not even bothering with girl names here is that they are just so much easier to come up with.  So far we have discussed Clara, Beatrice, Iris, Elsa, Wren, Nora, Helen, Virginia, ETC!  The list goes on for quite a while and we both like them all.  Kyle's favorites are Iris and Nora and I pretty much like them all equally.  In much the same way that Superman moves so quickly you can't actually see him run, the girl name conversation is so easy to have that we don't even have to have it.  


  1. All I can say is, don't choose a name unless you are crazy about it. There are lots of names out there and the kid is going to have it for a long time. What about Oscar? I would have used it but Paul had a dog growing up named Oscar so it was out for us.

  2. Can't use Vincent if you don't like Vince. Just saying : )
    Whatever happened to you liking Russell and having a Russ baby. I love Russ. When George adopts Will we might change his name to Russell Wagner Yates. Now that is cool. Can't wait to meet your little Whiz. Gosh darn it, your going to be two weeks late like me! Hee hee!