Monday Evening Random

Not much to report here, actually. I spent all day at work thinking of the great post I was going to write about the stupid things people say to pregnant women but I decided that for now, I'll let it go. I found some catharsis in simply Googling "stupid things people say to pregnant women." Turns out they say lots of stupid things and I have heard almost all of them. It's annoying. Moving on...

...Because I only have three more weeks of being pregnant so it doesn't matter what those jerkfaces say! Bring it, jerkfaces!* Anyone who tries to tell me I may go past my due date is totally wrong, so don't try it. I have my bag packed, I have a car seat. Hell, I even have a detailed checklist of the contents of the bag so that I know which last-minute items still need to be thrown in before we go. I have boy clothes, girl clothes and green clothes, and I have nipple shields. This is because I am organized! and prepared! and ready! to! go! OKAY? Now somebody go invent a machine that sends memos to fetuses.**

The Whiz has dropped down even farther into my pelvis, alleviating most of the heartburn I'd been having and doing an even better impression of a bowling ball in my shirt. This has made my time spent not-peeing almost equivalent to my time spent peeing and also it inspired most of the commentary from the Stupids (see above, re: jerkfaces). Nonetheless, it is exciting in its own way, and I trust that it won't be long before other labor-ey things start happening. If they don't I am still taking great consolation in the fact that I only have four more days of work to go, which is wonderful enough in its own right. The wonderfulness of that fact alone might give me the stamina to actually enjoy my last couple of weeks of pregnancy! That would be neat.

Anyhoo--next appointment with Dr. G on Wednesday! I hear they might do an exam to see about dilation and effacement and all that, but no one was particularly clear on whether it was happening for sure. We'll see, I guess - oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the Strep B test came back negative.

*Totally having fun with basic HTML today. Yes, I feel very smart indeed.

**I have heard traditional belly-button rings likened to "fetophones." It is of note here that I did, at one time, posess such a ring, and I happen to still have the hole into which it fits. I'm not going to do it, I'm just saying I could.


  1. 10 days and 3 days...both forced out...I wish you better luck...that's all I am sayin.

  2. I like your label "whining." I like to "whine" and I am not pregnant, which is to say I do not believe there is a correlation; although I HAVE BEEN pregnant. I don't remember if I whined and I don't remember if jerkfaces pestered me with whatever they say because I don't listen to jerkfaces. All I remember is BOOM my water broke and I didn't even know what that meant except my underwear was wet and so was the floor and then WHOOSH there was a baby and OMG she grew up to be one of the most beautiful creatures on the face of the earth and SMART TOO! Ta Da!