Good morning everyone!!  This is Kyle.Iris is currently getting checked out by the professionals, so we have a little break.  Everyone is still doing well.  Megan says the main thing that hurts is her ribs from where Iris's head was .  Iris has had several compliments on her cuteness and her lungs.  She has gone from periods of peaceful tranquility to some crying bouts, but really enjoys the initial swaddle and then kicking off the covers for freedom.  Everyone has been nice so far.  Emily stayed at the house last night and Kelley stopped by for a brief visit.  Dr. G stopped by this morning and said the Megan will most likely get her staples out on Sunday and we could probably be home shortly thereafter (which Megan is very excited about).  It's been a great experience and we will keep you posted on new developments (aka the continuing story of Iris Luella Kelley).  Megan and I are still kind of in shock that we have a little person with us now.


  1. Congratulations on such a beautiful baby girl! I am so glad everyone is doing well!!

  2. Lovely name! congratulations and speedy healing! xxoo Patty