A Fingertip

Wednesday checkup today - I am a "fingertip" dilated and I heard no mention of effacement.  I did learn that we'll have to talk about induction if labor continues to elude me beyond 41 weeks, but Dr. G doesn't think that will be necessary (almost 39 weeks now).  Not sure what he's basing that opinion on, but it's nice to hear anyway.  I was nervous that the baby had turned to a breech position after some extremely pointy antics a couple of days ago, but The Whiz is still safely vertex and wiggly as ever.  

Let's all be excited that I LOST a pound this week!  Mom says that means labor is imminent, but Kyle and I also noticed that I haven't been nearly as swollen in the last few days and I wouldn't be surprised if I lost a pound of water weight just in my ankles.  Either way, I'm not complaining.  

Single digit countdown begins tomorrow - yay!


  1. Yay! For the record I say don't be induced until absolutely necessary and then call me before you go in. Tomorrow's blog post at Green Gracious is going to be in your honor. Love you!

  2. Hey,
    I was induced for two babies, it was a very relaxed almost enjoyable event and the kids turned out great!

  3. I think we turned out somewhat great, Katherine is questionable =P.


  4. Megan....I'm so excited for you and the count down to Whiz day! I hope your water breaks crazy like and you have a funny story to tell us how you were out getting ice cream or something and the ice cream man had to bring you to the hospital. If you get induced...thats cool too: )